Thursday, 27 June 2013

Porcelain Presence 1st Official Tweetathon!

Here is a pic of me (Emily) and Chris struggling to stay awake nearing the end of the 24 hour tweetathon!
For those of you who didn’t see us on Twitter the other day,  between midnight on Friday 22nd March and midnight Saturday 23rd March, me and Chris took part in our very first  24 hour tweetathon in aid of promoting Porcelain Presence; This consists of both of us being very wired, and tweeting throughout the 24 hours (a lot of tweeting, but not enough to end up in twitter jail) sharing our links, 

teasers, and engaging with other twitter peeps!
When we began our tweetathon too, we had already been awake for 15 hours, bringing our amount of hours awake to 39, and needless to say, at the end of it, were absolutely 

We are so glad we did it too, the amount of feedback and support from people we got was absolutely amazing! It was so awesome to be able to spend all night and day talking speaking with so many of you, and we would just like to say thankyou to you all!

This certainly won’t be our last tweetathon either, we’re already making plans for our next one, which will be even longer, – we haven’t decided on an exact time yet, – Maybe we should go for an extra 6 hours? An extra 12? What do you all think? We’ll be advertising our next tweetathon before we begin in, drop by and say hi to us, and help us to stay awake haha!

Thankyou all! We will leave you with one of our teaser trailers which we were posting around over the weekend’s tweetathon:-

Chat to you all soon!

Thankyou for supporting us!
- Emily x

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